Francis Boesmans

Fashion stylist

Francis Boesmans

fashion stylist

Francis Boesmans is a young and talented stylist based in Antwerp, Belgium. Raised in Hasselt, Francis was exposed at a very young age to the world of fashion. His grandmother taking him to Paris  made the love for fashion an even bigger part of his life.

Having immersed himself in fashion and design for nearly a decade, Francis has gained a vast amount of experience, developed through years of hands-on work collaborating as an assistant with known Belgian fashion stylist Ilja De Weerdt.

What makes Francis Boesmans unique is his ability to move among circles with the highest levels of creativity and integrity. But most of all by always staying true to his instincts.

His style philosophy can be defined as classy, chic and timeless with a modern twist.

Francis worked for several fashion magazines and brands both commercial and editorial.

It’s clear that his passion and talent for fashion runs through his veins.